Liberté, Égalité, Cigaretté.

So, this post is not meant to be a rant against smoking, in fact, with Earth’s human population at 7 billion and counting— by all means, smoke away!

Going to Paris, Anna and I knew of the smoking habits of the French and we weren’t at all surprised that there would me more smokers than we are accustomed to. But what did surprise us, was just how young many of the smokers are. Before we got there I had assumed that most smokers would be 40 years old and older, but it was shocking to see that a great deal of them are in their early twenties and even younger (we saw smokers in their early teens!)

I have to say that the people I photographed below, could not have been nicer. I simply told them that I was interested in taking portraits of Parisian smokers, and they all readily agreed without complaint.

Like I said, this is not meant as judgement against smoking. It is meant as more of a warning to you non-smokers out there who are planning a trip to Paris—be prepared, it’s brutal.

All photos © Halldin+Maule  2012 • taken with a Leica M9 + Leica 35mm Summicron f/2 ASPH. (Click on images to view larger)

Your typical Parisian sidewalk.

This couple seemed to enjoy being photographed.


He’s 24, she’s 21. She said that she’s been smoking for several years now but plans to quit in two years.


He reminded me of a modern day Hemingway.

Though he happily agreed to be photographed, he made sure to keep his lit cigarette behind his back.









Très chic!