Before we arrived in New York, Anna and I had no idea of the existence of a boy-band called, One Direction. Well that was about to change. The morning after we checked into our hotel, (The London NYC) as we reached the lobby and walked out of the main entrance, we were faced with hundreds of screaming and hysterical tweens. They were everywhere—the lobby, the hotel restaurant, the back entrance—hoping to catch a glimpse of the British-Irish band which was staying at our hotel.

At first it was all quite amusing, but as the days passed it became a little bit sad as you realized that many of them appeared to have been camping overnight on the streets.

When the band would make an appearance the girls screams could be heard all the way up to our 35th floor room (with the windows closed!) You could tell that the staff of The London was flustered trying to keep an eye on all of those girls trying to sneak into the hotel.

I couldn’t help but to think of the Beatles!

All photos © Halldin+Maule 2012 (Click on photos to view larger)

OMG, There’s Liam!!